Sambara Jatara at Samabara,Makkuva Mandal

Story about the Goddess

This flair is celebrated every year at Sambara Village of Makkuva Mandal, Vizianagaram Disrtict.

Every Year on the preceding tuesday of Pongal/Sankrati festival Polamamba is brought to village. Since polamaba is born is samabara village all the villagers will be treating polamaba as daugther of village.
As there is a tradition that every girl will come to their parents house for sankranti festival, polamamba is brought to village during that time. Till next tuesday from the bringing pujas will be performed in tmeple and devotees will be taking darshan of Godess.
on next tuesday i.e third tuesday sirimanotsavam will be performed and many people from uttarandhra as well as from Odisha, Chattisgarh and Maharashtra will take part in the fetival.
District Administration will make necessary arrangments for the festival in advance.

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