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About Ramanarayanam

Tucked away in the remote corner of the “CITY OF MUSIC”, Vizianagaram, 50 KM from Vizag Airport and 15 KM from upcoming Greenfield Airport, Andhra Pradesh, RAMANARAYANAM provides an awesome yet is a spiritual theme park with aesthetic GATE WAY to those seeking solace in spiritual experience. The very unique design and elevation of the PRANGANAM is bound to leave the tourist/Pilgrim spell bound with an experience, rich, cherishing and invigorating. When noble thoughts become great intentions, and such intentions become a driving passion, marvels like the RAMANARAYANAM are created. Located at Korukonda Road, Vizianagaram,50 kms from Vizag Airport and 15 kms from upcoming Greenfield Airport, Andhra Pradesh, this theme park has set a standard in many ways, attracting tourists not just from its vicinity but from across the globe. Raising the bar of what one can expect from a theme park, from a great epic and from a spiritual destination, the Ramanarayanam is as unique as it is special.

A unique Spiritual Theme Park

Spread over a sprawling 15 acres plot with lush green lawns and taking over a decade from concept to design to execution and to reality and with the sweat and toils of hundreds of artists and artisans from across the country who were chanting away JAISRIRAM, this MAGNUM OPUS called RAMANARAYANAM could finally take shape and achieve its destined position in the annals of the history of the CITY OF LEARNING /MUSIC and the historical city of VIZIANAGARAM. Costing no less, this spiritual theme park is exceptional / unique in more ways than one. The design of the PRANGANAM is based on our ancient architecture upholding the Hindu Mythology. Since Green colour provides huge relief to the tiring eyes, this theme park is also home to the most exotic spread of flora and fauna which also offer solace to the tourists/pilgrims/visitors.

The holiest epic –“AADI KAVYA”

Ramayan is considered to be the holiest epic for Hindus is undoubtedly the most popular and timeless epic read and loved by all. Lord Srirama who had all along stood for human values, Principles and Ethics and never swayed in dharma is the epitome for all Hindus across the world.Swami Vivekananda said “No language can be purer, none chastier, none more beautiful, and at the same time simpler than the language in which the great poet VALMIKI has depicted the life of RAMA”. Based on the great epic of Valimiki Ramayana, this theme park is the first-of-its-kind in the country having been built entirely without taking /seeking donations.It is uniquely built in the shape of a bow and arrow as a two-storey complex. With many trees dotting the landscape, one section showcases the sacred trees of Nakshatra vanam, Narayana vanam, Raasi vanam, Navagraha vanam, Vinayaka vanam, Saptarishi vanam, Panchavati vanam, Pancha bhoota vanam. These rare trees have been a part of Indian scriptures and some of them were especially brought in from across the country as well.While the park stays open from 10 AM onwards, it is best visited in the evenings. That is when the entire area is lit up in the colours of the rainbow giving us the feeling as if the Heavens have transcended to the Earth below. Beautiful mega fountains along the length of the bow transforms spectacle of indescribable proportions. The cool evening breeze rejuvenates you with a fresh burst of oxygen. Also while you’re here, do stop by at the huge Mandapam called Sri seetharamula adhyatmika kala thoranam(A/C) where performs Sri seetharamula kalyanam every month on the eve of punarvasu nakshatra (Birth star of Lord Rama), other special poojas and programs relevant to Indian performing arts take place on a regular basis. You could perhaps attend recitals such as the Bharata Natyam or Kuchipudi dance forms and also several religious/spiritual discourses.Created in a huge to give a memorable experience to people across age groups, battery operated cars and Lifts are provided at the entrance for the old and disabled. Children have the spacious outdoors to engage themselves in, while the Perla’s boutique restaurant with its completely vegetarian fare ensures that no one goes hungry. Inspired by Chennai’s famous Saravana Bhavan.

A great epic

The entrance to the two-storied bow and arrow structure is from one end of the arrow, and visitors are soon inside a Centrally air conditioned complex depicting a series of sculptures from Ramayana. Vibrant in colour, rich in emotions and full of life, the seventy two laminated mouldings were created by thousands of artisans from different parts of the country. They depict 72 episodes from the Valimiki Ramayan with scenes right from the beginning of the epic, BALA KAANDA TO YUDDHA KAANDA, below each of the 72 exquisitely chiseled laminated/fiber panels, a bilingual (English and Telugu) explanation/ narration to the event/ episode above is engraved on brass plates with audio support also being arranged for the benefit of pilgrims/tourists will soon be provided, so that each and every visitor can have his own personalized experience at the RAMANARAYANAM. One exists from the gallery at the tip of the arrow, where a colossal 60 feet statue of Sri ABHAYANJANEYA stands tall in all its grandeur and splendor.

A spiritual destination

While a traditional Vishnu temple is part of the complex, the RAMANARAYANAM is more spiritual than it is religious. In fact, right from the time when work on the park began, artists/artisans from across religions and Cities have been integral parts of the project. Cities have been integral parts of the project. The PRANAGANAM is home to a huge library with over one lakh spiritual books, where visitors can browse through the many texts and also attend the cultural events that regularly take place here. A meditation centre for channeling inner peace, three temples of Lord Ganesh, Lord Vishnu and Lord Rama with his consort Goddess Sita and 18 feet statues of Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati surrounded by exquisite colourful water fountains are some of the stops you should make in the PRANGANAM. Also look out for the seven special fountains that are shaped like the 7 asthras or weapons of Lord Rama which are dotted across the ARROW.

Veda Paatashaala

A residential Veda Paatashaala adopted and run exclusively by the Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam (TTD) imparts lessons on the four Vedas along with regular curriculum. Approximately 70 children have already enrolled for this full-time 8 year and 14-year course on the Vedas and Upanishads.RAMANARAYANAM SRIMADRAMAYANA PRANGANAM is definitely a unique way of depicting the Ramayana, and the seed of the idea was planted two generations ago when Late Sri Narayanam Narasimha Murthy, Founder and Chairman of NCS Group conceptualized the temple to be as such. Envisioned to be more than a traditional temple for people to offer prayers, the idea was to promote it as a spiritual centre where people could see the scenes from Ramayana and take away the essence of human values from the Holy epic. Choosing just a few scenes from the large epic was a challenge and Sri Narayanam Nageswara Rao and other family members discussed /debated with scholars on the subject across the nation and then meticulously chose 72 important episodes from the epic to be converted into pictorial sculptures. Artisans from across the nation were enlisted to carve the pictorial sculptures with intense detailing carefully thought out, creatively crafted the RAMANARAYANAM leaves an ever lasting impression in the mind of beholder. Accessible by road, though the theme park has started functioning since an year ago, it sees a footfall of thousands of people each day more than 25 lakhs pilgrims visited till date. With a glorious present, the future plans of the RAMANARAYANAM are as illustrious. These include expansion of current facilities to include breath taking musical fountains and entertainment options along the lines of Sentosa in Singapore/Miracle gardens in Dubai. However, keeping in touch with ethnic roots as well, a gaushala is proposed to be set up too as a sanctuary for cows, calves and oxen. With so much activity taking place/shape in Vizag after the state division into two, and the state government’s intention to convert Vizag into a TOURIST HUB, RAMANARAYANAM is destined to occupy a niche position and iconic centre sooner than later. With thousands thronging the PRANGANAM every day, which has now become a cynosure for tourists/pilgrims, if you haven’t visited it yet, then do plan soon.

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Ramanarayanam Temple Inside

Subrahmanyaswamy Temple

This Subrahmanyam Swamy temple is located at Phoolbaugh Colony, Vizianagaram. The statue height is 40 feet. Temple will be open up to 7 PM. It is hardly 4 KM from Railway Station.

Subrahmanya Swamy Temple

Subrahmanya Swamy Temple

Pydithalli Temple

Pydithallamma is village goddess of Vizianagaram Town. Every one who comes to Vizianagaram visits this temple. For more details PydithallI Temple go to Flairs and Festivals page . It has two temples Vanam Gudi and Chaduru Gudi. Vanam Gudi Situated opposite to Vizianagaram Railway Station and Chaduru Gudi where Sirimanu Utsav is performed which is at 3 Lantens Junction, Vizianagaram.


Pydithalli Ammavaru

Dwadasi Jyothirlinga Temple

This temple is located in Viziangaram town at SVN Nagar. It is a worth seeing temple with prototypes of Dwadasa Jyothirlingas all over India. Main Idol is Sphatika Linga opened everyday evening at 6 PM aarti. It is a peaceful temple and just 4 kms away from Railway Station/Bus Stand


Dwadasi Jyothirlinga Temple

Gnyana Saraswati Temple

This temple is located in Viziangaram town at SVN Nagar. It is a worth seeing temple with Saraswati Ammavaru. In this temple Aksharabhyasams are peformed daily for Children. Exclusive Saraswati temple in north east andhra.

Gyana Saraswati Temple Gyana Saraswati Temple 1

Kanyaka Parameswari Temple

This temple is situated in Vizianagaram Town and it was built in the year 1890 by the Komatis (Trading community) in the honour of a village girl belonging to their community, who committed suicide to protect her honour. The temple was constructed on the land donated by the Maharaja of Vizianagaram.

Kanyaka Parameswari Temple

Kanyaka Parameswari Temple

Jagannath Temple

The Temple is located in Vizianagaram Town. The temple of Lord Jagannadha situated in the coastal town of Puri in Orissa is an important pilgrimage site for the Hindus. As per traditions, replica of the idol of Lord Jagannadha is immersed into the sea every twelve years. The Maharaja of Vizianagaram requested the priestsof Puri to permit him to bring the replica to Vizianagaram with the intent of installing the idols in a temple, but his request was denied. It is said that a band of loyal followers of the Maharaja’s dived into the sea and retrieved the idol on the night of the immersion. This idol was brought to Vizianagaram and installed in the Jagannadha Swamy temple.


Jagannath Swamy Temple

Gumchi Temple

Gumchi Temple

Gumchi Temple

The Temple is located in Vizianagaram Town.  It is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the faithful disciple of Lord Rama. In Hindu mythology, Hanuman was the son of the Surya Deva (Sun God) and had features of a monkey. He was a faithful devotee of Lord Rama and helped him vanquish the demon king Ravana.The structure was originally built in 1713as a post for the guards to protect a nearby lake ‘Amma Koneru’ (Mother Lake). It was converted to a temple in the early 20thcentury when an idol of Lord Hanuman was found in a nearby well. This is the only temple in India where the idol of Hanuman has the paws of a monkey.

Tripurantaka Swamy Temple

Tripurantaka Swamy Temple

Tripurantaka Swamy Temple

The Temple is located in Vizianagaram Town. Over a period this temple was forgotten and was lost in a dense overgrown forest. According to folklore, the Pusapati king had a dream in 1698 AD, in which he was intimated about the temple. After a through search in the jungles, the idols of Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshmana were found, and were installed in the temple.The Tripurantaka Swamy temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.Legend states that the Pandavas prayed here and hid their weapons on a ‘Jami’ tree. The Jami tree at the Tripurantaka Swamy temple is considered to be holy for its miraculous properties. The temple is said to be thousands of years old. Folklore says that the local inhabitants tried to shift the temple but they could not uproot the Shivalinga. Modern day geologists estimate that the Shivalinga extends more than 179 feet deep into the earth.

Ramthirtam in Nellimarla Mandal

Ramtheertam Temple

Ramtheertam Temple

The village is situated in Nellimarla mandal at a distance of 10 KM to the North East of Vizianagaram. It is one of the holiest places in India, Ramtirtham, is a unique temple where three major faiths – Jain, Buddhist and Hindu – are represented. The complex is spread over three hills – Bodi Konda, Gurubhakta Konda and Durga Konda – containing Jain and Buddhist relics. Commemorative seals, remains of Chaityas (Prayer Halls) and Stupas (Semi Circular Buildings), dating back to the Buddhist period, have also been found here.It is believed that these hills were the abode of Lord Rama during his exile in the forest. The main temple is dedicated to Lord Rama and is believed to have been consecrated by Yudhishtira, the eldest of the Pandava Princes of the epic Mahabharat.

Kumili in Bhogapuram Mandal

Kumili Temple

Kumili Temple

Kumili village also known as Kumbilapuram, is situated in Denkada Mandal was one of the first estates  leased to the House of Vizianagaram and was the capital of Pusapati dynasty before it was shifted to Vizianagaram. The temple at Kumili is unusual in that it has symbolic representations of Hinduism, Islam and Christianity within the precincts. The entrance to the temple has carvings of prominent national leaders. Thus the temple is representative of all the major faiths as well as the patriotic fervour of the country. The inner dome of the temple has murals depicting stories from Ramayana. There are elaborate carvings on the pillar in the courtyard, which depict various Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Govindapuram at Poospatirega Mandal

Govindapuram Temple

Govindapuram Temple

It is situated in Puspatirega Mandal at a distance of 30 KMs from Vizianagaram.  Amongst the modern temples in the district, the ‘Geeta Bhavan’ at Govindapuram deserves special mention.  It is a beautifully built monument in the form of Chariot, which attracts a large number of piligrims.  It has a  spiritual prayer cum meditation hall where the people come to gain spiritual solace.  This village is nearer to Chintapalli sea shore, where light house was constructed by French.

Punyagiri at Srungavarapukota Mandal

Punygiri Siva Temple

Punygiri Siva Temple

It is situated at a distance of 3 KMs from S.Kota, the mandal headquarters. Sri Dara-gangamma and Sivalayam is the ancient temple, which is situated on the hill known as “Punyagiri” in the vally of Eastern Ghats at a height of 1000 ft. above the sea level. The place is known for its mean water falls and valleys with beautiful surroundings of nature.  On the right side of the way to hill, there is another waterfall known as “Chinaputtudara” which is said to be eminate from the idol and develops as natural spring.  There are pathways leading to surrounding tribal villages from the Punyagiri hill.  Large number of devotees and piligrims congregate for 3 days on the occasion of Mahasivaratri festival for worship and  fulfillment of vows. Folklore states that the Pandavas stayed in this forest during their “vanavas” or exile.  The Shivalingam in the Punyagiri temple is washed by the waters of a near by perennial spring. Traditionally after cremation of the dead, the ashes from the funeral pyre are scattered in this spring and “astikalu” pooja is performed here to provide solace to the soul of the departed.

Saripalli Ibbilingeswara Swamy Temple

This temple is situated in Saripalli Village in distance of 7 KM from Vizianagaram towards North East.  The beautiful and ancient Ibbilingeswara temple shows influence of the architectural style prevalent during the Kalinga period and is situated on the banks of river Champavati.  The temple is constructed with stones chiselled   perfectly to fit each other without any bonding  medium. Because of its beauty, the local inhabitants believe that, the temple was constructed by the Gods.  This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is estimated to have been constructed around 1000 AD.

Ibbilingeshwar Temple Saripalli

Bobbili Venu Gopalaswamy Temple

The House of Bobbili was deeply religious. The temple of the family deity – Venugopala  Swamy – had been in existence since Bobbili was founded, but the present temple was built  by Chinna Ranga Rao, when he took over the reins of Bobbili after the ill-fated war. It is located close to the royal residence and is the most revered temple in Bobblili.         The Gopuram (Entrance) was built by Swetha Chalapati Ranga Rao in 1851. It is the only temple in the region where the Gopuram is higher than the main temple.   The base of the Gopuram is made of solid stone while the six stories over it are made of stone and brick masonry. The base of the Gopuram itself is approximately 9 meters high. On festive occasions, the idols of the deities in the temple are adorned with jewellery made of gold and precious stones, estimated to be worth millions of dollars.The Vasant Mandapam stands aloof in the placid waters of a lake. The idol from the temple of Lord Venugopala Swamy is brought to the lake annually to celebrate the onset of spring. Legend has it that the Lord enjoys a day of solitude with his wife here. Post sojourn, the idol is installed in Dola Yatra Mandapam on the banks of the lake for a day and then carried back to the main temple. The mandapams were constructed by Maharaja Krishnadas Ranga Rao, in 1825.

 Bobbili Venugoplaswamy